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Grandpine Capital Partners With Global Entrepreneur Xchange (GEX) For A Joint Venture

Updated: Apr 26

A business without strategy is like a car without GPS- by Mr. Karthik Siva

Kuala Lumpur, April. 25, 2021 - Grandpine Capital and Global Entrepreneur Xchange (GEX) today announced the establishment of a joint venture. The newly joint venture with GEX is a leading partnership involving an independent and private coalition of entrepreneurs. The firm will be providing professional advice and integrated strategies for managing client’s business as well as having business strategy master classes in English and Mandarin.

GEX serves as a global platform, a partner, and a portal to empower, equip, educate and enrich entrepreneurs around the world with valuable contents, advisory services, master classes, coaching, mentorships, coaching and a great number of networking opportunities. According to Forbes and Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs fail in less than 18 months. The primary reason is they do not have a compelling or clear strategy. This is a staggering statistic, therefore, GEX was created to address this massive challenge faced by CEOs and business leaders.

The Chairman of Global Entrepreneur Xchange- Mr. Karthik Siva, is a highly acclaimed and respected international strategy consultant, nation branding expert and leadership mentor to CEOs and entrepreneurs. He is the Founding Chairman of Global Brand Forum, Asia’s most influential Forum for brands, business and leadership, described by BBC as the “Davos of Branding” and by Straits Times Singapore as the “World Cup of Branding”. After obtaining his Masters in Business Administration from India, Karthik has spent more than 25 years in senior leadership positions advising Governments, regulators, global brands, regional corporations, NGOs and SMEs across Asia Pacific, US and the UK. Karthik currently advises and enables business owners and SMEs to globalise and scale their businesses through strategy, innovation, branding and leadership development.

Mr. Lee Yon Onn, the Founder of Grandpine Capital founded Grandpine Capital in 2003, a Malaysia’s leading investment education platform. Lee is Malaysia’s industry pioneer in investor education, he is also an author and expert in asset management, business analysis, mentoring as well as corporate management. He accumulated rich management experiences in China and Malaysia, with multiple business perspectives from the eastern and western culture. Being a Principal, Lead Coach and Mandarin Content Developer in GEX, Lee will develop strategy content to benefit more Mandarin-speaking Malaysian entrepreneurs.

GEX offers consulting services to entrepreneurs, CEOs, government agencies and the public sector. The consulting services include:

· Strategy Development

· Brand Positioning

· Business Model & Road Map Development

· Brand Identity Development

· Organisation Culture & Performance Management

· Leadership & Innovation Skill Development Programme

· Digital Adoption & Digital Transformation

GEX has a world class team comprising successful CEOs, experts and professionals with proven track record, global experience and local perspective. GEX is formed to provide fresh ideas, insights, content, tools guidance and mentorship with a view to reducing failure rate, maximising success rate and enhancing skill sets so that businesses are able to unlock their full potential.

Make Your Business Matter- GEX =============================================================

松大资本与Global Entrepreneur Xchange (GEX) 建立合作伙伴关系

一家没有战略的企业,等于一辆没有导航的汽车- Mr. Karthik Siva

吉隆坡2021年4月25日, 松大资本集团Grandpine Capital 今天宣布与Global Entrepreneur Xchange(GEX)合资。与GEX新成立的合资企业是由企业家特设的企业家联合独立平台。该公司将提供专业的企业建议和综合企业策略来管理客户的业务,并提供中英语业务战略课程内容。

GEX是一个专门为企业家而设的国际平台,作为企业的伙伴,它为全球的企业家提供咨询服务,指导工具,教育,和丰富的价值内容,专业课程,指导服务,和峰会。据 Forbes and Bloomberg的数据报道,10个企业当中就有8个企业在18个月内业务失败,而失败原因是这些企业没有明确的战略。因此,GEX设立目标帮助这些企业一起克服企业上的各种挑战。

Mr. Karthik – GEX主席,他是一名广受赞誉且尊敬的各国政府战略顾问。作为Global Brand Forum 的创始主席的他,非常善于企业品牌策略。Global Brand Forum是亚洲最有影响力的品牌,业务和领导力论坛,这些论坛分别被英国广播公司 (BBC)还有新加坡《海峡时报》以及美国前副总统Al gore誉为 “Davos of Branding” 和 “World Cup of Branding” 。Mr. Karthik拥有长达30年以上的时间为15个国家如美国,英国和亚太地区政府提供建议,监管机构,全球品牌,区域企业,非政府组织和中小型企业担任高级领导职务。2019年起,GEX为国人请来了数位国际级大师合作,如Jonas Kjellberg-Skype联合创办人,Uri Levine-Waze联合创办人,Tom Kelly-Ideo联合创办人, 以致力提高马来西亚企业家的企业战略水平。

松大资本创办人-李永安先生, 在2003年创立松大资本,大马领先的投资教育平台。他也是资产管理,业务分析,和指导方面的专家,本身也是一位成功的企业家和作家。身为马来西亚人的他,多年来在中国和马来西亚累计了丰富的管理经验,他的业务观点结合了多种西方和东方企业文化。目前,Mr. Karthik的 (Tools, Tips & Thoughts for Entrepreneurs) 书籍由李永安先生负责翻译成中文版《献给企业家的工具,技巧和思考》,让更多华人企业阅读。加入GEX后,李永安先生将担任GEX企业总监兼首席教练,他将为公司定制中文企业战略内容,以使更多中文企业家受惠。

中文版《献给企业家的工具,技巧和思考》- 李永安翻译


· 战略发展

· 品牌定位

· 商业模式与路线图开发

· 品牌形象发展

· 文化组织与绩效管理

· 领导力与创新技能发展计划

· 数字采用与数字转型


Make Your Business Matter- GEX