VF Income+
Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions of Use (T&Cs) apply when you visit the website (https://www.grandpine.com), mobile-site, micro-site or mobile-application (including such products/services as may be made available on and/or through the websites, mobile-sites, micro-sites or mobile-applications pertaining to the Affiliate Program of Grandpine Capital Sdn. Bhd. (GPC)) (collectively, the “Platforms”) . Your access to and use of the Platforms is subject to these T&Cs.

If you disagree to any part of these T&Cs, you must cease usage of the Platforms, or any services immediately. By accessing or using the Platforms you acknowledge and agree to be bound by these T&Cs.

GPC reserves the right at any time, to change, modify or discontinue any aspect or feature of the Platforms, including, without limitation to the contents, data and availability. You are advised to refer to these T&Cs each time you access/use the Platforms to ascertain and understand any additions, deletions, modifications, revisions and/or variations that may be made to these T&Cs from time to time, and you shall be deemed to have read, understood and accepted these T&Cs, including such additions, deletions, modifications, revisions and/or variations each time you access/use the Platforms.

Intellectual Property

By agreeing to the T&Cs, you must acknowledge that copyright in the Platforms, design, text and graphics comprised in the Platforms, the selection and layout of the Platforms and the content and materials on the Platforms  are owned by or licensed to GPC.

You are allowed to share messages, linking data or files to third-party sites (such as YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Blogger, WhatsApp or WordPress), or engaging in any other form of communication through GPC’s  Platforms with the prior consent of GPC. You must not remove any copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights notices contained in or on the Platforms.

You acknowledge and agree that GPC shall not be reliable for any offensive, pornographic, defamatory, incorrect, false, obscene, or otherwise unlawful content posted by you.

GPC reserves the right to filter, modify or publish user content on the Platforms at times at its discretion.

You hereby represent, warrant and agree that you have obtained all necessary third-party copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, patents, or other personal or proprietary rights, or such other licenses or permissions as may be required from any third-party, for any material or information you post on the Platforms, or provide to GPC, or authorise GPC to display.

You hereby represent, warrant and agree that you shall be solely responsible for ensuring that any material or information that you post on the Platforms or provide to GPC or authorise GPC to display does not, violate any third-party rights, or is posted with the permission of the owner(s) of such rights.

You hereby grant an irrevocable, perpetual, paid-up in full, worldwide and royalty-free, sub-licensable (through multiple tiers) license to GPC to display and use all information provided by you in accordance with these T&Cs and to exercise the copyright, publicity, and database rights you have in such material or information, in any media now known or not currently known.

GPC reserves the right in its sole discretion to remove any material displayed on the Platforms which it reasonably believes is unlawful, could subject GPC to liability, violates these T&Cs or is otherwise found inappropriate in GPC’s sole and absolute discretion.


  1. ValueFarm Income+ Program is a program designed for the Affiliates to promote and advertise the products/services of the Platforms in their selected online/offline media platforms; and in return, the Affiliates will be paid commission on the successful sales/referrals he/she makes/refers to GPC.
  2. By submitting an Affiliate Application Form to GPC, the person named in the Affiliate Application Form (the “Affiliate”) intends to participate in the ValueFarm Income+ Program in accordance with the Affiliate Application Form and these Standard Terms.
  3. By submitting the Affiliate Application Form, the Affiliate is also agreeing to the terms and conditions of the VF Income+ Program (the “ValueFarm Income+ Program Terms”) therein.
  4. The Affiliate must be an active user of GPC’s Value Farm mobile-application and/or course/product.
  5. Upon the registration of the Affiliate , GPC will review his/her Affiliate Application Form and respond via email within 2 working days.
  6. GPC reserves the right to accept or reject any Affiliate Application Form for any reason at its discretion, which includes but not limited to the applications that contain incomplete, inaccurate and/or misleading information. Before submitting the Affiliate Application Form, the applicants must verify that all information and particulars provided are correct and accurate.
  7. On the acceptance of the Affiliate Application Form by GPC, the Affiliate Application Form and these Standard Terms will together constitute a legally binding agreement between GPC and the Affiliate.
  8. GPC may change the VF Income+ Program Terms at any time at its discretion. The Affiliate hereby declares and acknowledges that he/she is aware of any potential changes to the VF Income+ Program Terms and he/she is solely responsible for any potential changes.
  9. GPC is not obliged to review any materials or check the legality or accuracy of the materials provided by the Affiliate. Under the VF Income+ Program, the Affiliate may publish any materials at his/her discretion and use them solely to the extent permitted under the VF Income+ Program Terms.
  10. The Affiliate must ensure that all materials posted on his/her social media platforms or otherwise used in connection with the Affiliate Program (i) are not illegal, (ii) do not infringe upon the intellectual property or personal rights of any third party and (iii) do not contain or link to any material which is harmful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, sexually explicit, harassing, promotes violence, promotes discrimination (whether based on sex, religion, race, ethnicity, nationality, disability or age), promotes illegal activities (such as gambling), contains profanity or otherwise contains materials that GPC informs you that it considers objectionable (collectively, “Objectionable Content”).
  11. The Affiliate must not make any representations or other statements concerning to GPC of any of their respective products and/or services, except as expressly authorized herein.
  12. The Affiliate shall only use the intellectual properties of GPC for the purposes of promoting ValueFarm. Any usage of the intellectual properties of GPC for other purposes without GPC’s consents are prohibited.
  13. The Affiliate agrees to promptly implement any request from the Advertiser to remove, alter or modify any link, graphic or banner advertisement that is being used by the Affiliate in the VF Income+ Program.
  14. The Tracking Link and Tracking Policy will be used solely for the purpose of recording and determining the Actions of the Affiliate and payment of Commissions to the Affiliate. No other means of recording or determining the Actions or Commissions shall be used under this Standard Terms, notwithstanding any agreement or arrangement between the Affiliate and any Advertiser to the contrary.
  15. Payment of the Sales and Leads commission will only be attributed to the Affiliate where the Tracking Link records that the Affiliate is responsible for the referral of any visitors to the Advertiser website/URL prior to that Sale or Lead activity, unless it is expressly agreed otherwise between the parties or specified otherwise by the Advertiser in the respective VF Income+ Program Terms.
  16. The Advertiser may approve or decline any of his/her sales and leads at their discretion, subject to the applicable VF Income+ Program Terms.
  17. The Affiliate shall not disclose, take or reproduce any confidential information including but not limited to GPC’s proprietary information, technical data, trade secrets or know-how, not generally known to the public or any other third-party. The Affiliate acknowledges that the confidential information is the property of GPC.
  18. In return for the service of the Affiliate, the Affiliate will be compensated accordingly to the commission payout plan in the Appendix 1 attached to this Standard Terms.
  19. The Advertiser may change the amount of commission by notifying the Affiliates.
  20. Payment of bonuses are subject to the mutual agreement between the Affiliate and the Advertiser at their discretion and it must be processed via an Affiliate portal called the Interface
  21. Commissions and bonuses shall only be paid in respect of the Actions procured in accordance with this Agreement and any applicable program terms.
  22. Without prejudice to any other rights or remedies of GPC, if GPC reasonably suspects that any commissions paid under this VF Income+ Program have been generated in breach of this T&Cs, GPC may set off or deduct the amount of such commissions from any future payments due to the Affiliate or from any funds held to the Affiliate’s account from time to time. Such deduction shall constitute a genuine pre-estimation of the loss suffered by GPC as a result of the payment of such commission in breach of this T&Cs.
  23. Under the VF Income+ Program, Affiliate will be paid commission for each qualified purchase/sign up by a referred user/customer, subject to the following criteria:
  • Each referred user must be a new subscriber to our products.
  • Commission shall not be paid to the Affiliate for a referred user/customer that was already tracked through GPC’s tracking system prior to the sales approach of the Affiliate.
  • Each approved sale/sign up must not be subject to any refund, store credit, cancellation or suspension.
  1. GPC will pay the Affiliate:
  • Commissions in respect of each approved sale; and
  • Bonuses agreed between the Affiliate and the Advertiser.
  1. Payment of commissions and bonuses is subject to the ValueFarm Income+ Program Terms.
  2. The Affiliate is responsible to request commission payment via the Interface System before the 30th of each month.
  3. GPC will make the commission payment based on each Approved Sale on 30th of the following month to the bank account nominated by the Affiliate on the Affiliate Account via the Interface GPC is not obligated to take further steps to verify the accuracy of the bank account information provided by the Affiliate.
  4. The Affiliate will immediately update the Interface System accordingly if there are any changes to the banking account details.
  5. GPC is not responsible for any representations made by the Affiliate that contradict our values, policies and operating procedures.
  6. The engagement of the Affiliate will be terminated at any time, at the discretion of GPC, if there is no submission or achievement of conversion for 6 months consecutively.
  7. The termination of the Affiliate engagement will automatically result in all benefits, privileges and recognition of the Affiliate to cease immediately.
  8. The T&Cs and the Standard Terms shall be governed by the laws of Malaysia, without regard to the choice or conflicts of law provisions of any jurisdiction.
  9. Any disputes, actions, claims or causes of action arising out of or in connection with the T&Cs and the Standard Terms shall be referred to the Asian International Arbitration Centre (“AIAC”) in accordance with the AIAC Arbitration Rules as modified or amended from time to time (“Rules”) then in effect. The arbitration shall be conducted by a sole arbitrator, appointed by the Director of the AIAC in accordance with the Rules. The seat and venue of the arbitration shall be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in the English language. The arbitration award shall be final and binding on the parties thereto.
  10. All rights not expressly granted in these T&Cs and the Standard Terms are reserved by GPC.


Commission Pay-out Plan

No. of Referrals Made  

Commission Pay-out Rate (%) based on the price of ValueFarm course











*The commission pay-out rate abovementioned is subject to the Sales and Service tax (SST) and the commission will be paid in the currency of Ringgit Malaysia.

*The Affiliate will be paid the above tiered commission based on the cumulative sales achieved with no maximum capping.

Renewal Commission Pay-out Plan

Renewal Year

Renewal Commission Pay-out Rate (%)

1st year


*The Affiliate is entitled to the payment of renewal commission for the same referred user/customer who renews his/her Value Farm account in the subsequent year, subject to the Affiliate maintaining at least a total of 20 successful referrals of user/customer in the past 12 months.