Algobox is our revolutionary financial data and technical analysis software that saves you time in making informed stock investment decisions.

Key Advantages

Faster Decision Making

Detecting stock movement opportunities at the onset, Algobox empowers you to actively manage your stock investments.

Enhanced Risk Management

Equipped with comprehensive stock selection criteria developed by GrandPine Capital’s Research Department, Algobox helps you steer clear of underperforming stocks, providing an added layer of risk management to your investment strategy.

Precision in Analysis

Algobox has an user-friendly interface with buying and selling positions clearly visualized. With customizable charts, you can delve into the following three foundational reports, ensuring a detailed and precise analysis.

Core Features

Financial Data

Access annual and quarterly financial data, empowering you with the information needed for well-informed investment decisions.

Line Function

Premium BIS provides a transformative coaching journey by offering comprehensive investment knowledge coaching, industry insights, and personalized sessions, addressing your unique challenges. It provides the following:


Utilize the Stock Screen feature to scan and identify the best opportunities based on financial performance, dividend payouts, cash reserves, among others.

Basic Features

FULL Features

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