Our BIS Masterclass is an investment methodology to identify growth stocks. A dynamic and interactive 20-day online program, we address common challenges faced by retail investors, transforming uncertainties into strategic opportunities. BIS Masterclass is a registered programme eligible for HRDF claims.

Key Challenges

Retail investors often grapple with identifying and timing of stock investment, leading to missed opportunities, and challenges in understanding concepts like stop-loss and fundamental analysis. Our program will enlighten these concepts and their real-life application.

Understanding the
Essence of Business
Behind Every Stock

Beyond share price fluctuation, the value of every stock is underpinned by an income generating business. GrandPine Capital’s Founder, Lee Yon Onn, draws upon years of fund management experience to create BIS Masterclass to specifically address what retail investors should focus on and his success formula rooted in value investing principles.


BIS Masterclass is conducted in a structured manner, guiding students on the right approach to find high quality and resilient businesses, managing risks, and conducting fact-finding to bridge information gaps. The masterclass combines pre-recorded explanatory videos, live Q&A sessions with our professional business and investment coaches, case studies, and hands-on assignments utilising Algobox — our proprietary investment tool.


Value Investing Mindset

Knowledge coupled with the right mindset empowers participants to navigate the dynamic stock market, looking for opportunities in every situation, be it in a bull or bear market. We also provide post-programme support for our students to assist them on their continued journey to financial empowerment such as:

1-Year Unlimited Viewing

Access pre-recorded and live-streamed videos for comprehensive revision.

Interactive Learning

Each unit features homework and Q&A sessions, ensuring mastery of every detail.

Business-Oriented Thinking

Grasp the intricacies of businesses’ value and growth prospects through a business-oriented mindset.

Benefit From Our Experienced Professional

Business And Investment Coaches

Lee Yon Onn

Founder of GrandPine Capital, bestselling author, and experienced fund manager.

Alfred Chen

Chief Coach of GrandPine Capital with 19 years of investment education experience in Malaysia.

David Tan

Non-Executive Director of GrandPine Capital with over 16 years of research experience.

Hew Sok Chan

Research Department Director at GrandPine Capital, renowned as the “Queen of Fact Finding”, offering a unique perspective on data collection and information organization.

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