ValueFarm is our innovative investment and learning analytical mobile app designed to guide retail investors through the realm of value investing. Its innovate key features are as follow:

Dividend and Growth
Screening List

Curate stocks meticulously based on quantitative criteria such as dividend yields, payout ratios, ROE, PE and PB ratios. Make informed decisions backed by data-driven insights.

Paper Trade

Premium BIS provides a transformative coaching journey by offering comprehensive investment knowledge coaching, industry insights, and personalized sessions, addressing your unique challenges. It provides the following:


Immerse yourself in a rich educational interface with step-by-step video tutorials covering the A-Z of value investing. From identifying good dividend stocks to calculating undervalued stocks, ValueFarm equips users with the knowledge needed for successful investment strategies.

Future Growth

We transform complex financial reports into engaging videos that inform on future growth prospects. Stay ahead of the curve with insightful analyses presented in an accessible format.


Our specialized tool takes the guesswork out of financial calculations. From compound interest to precise cash flow computations, our calculator ensures that users have the tools they need for accurate investment planning.

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exciting updates

ValueFarm is evolving with new features, including AI-powered functions that will revolutionize the way you approach investment. Prepare to experience the future of smart investing with ValueFarm.

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