GrandPine Capital has a proven track of leveraging knowledge to unlock success in investment. For over 21 years, our investment education program has benefited over 30,000 students, earning a reputation within the community as a trustworthy and reputable partner. Through education, we equip investors with the skills and mindset necessary to make informed investment decisions.

Business Investment Strategy (BIS)

Our BIS Masterclass is a proven investment methodology to identify growth stocks. A dynamic and interactive 20-day online program, we address common challenges faced by retail investors, transforming uncertainties into strategic opportunities. BIS Masterclass is a registered programme eligible for HRDF claims.

Business Value
Exchange (BVE)

Our Business Value Exchange (BVE) is designed to empower amateur and experienced investors alike with a wealth of industry knowledge and firsthand business insights. With over 1,600 meticulously crafted videos, our treasure trove dissects quarterly reports, conducts interviews with top management, and taps into the wisdom of industry experts. Our mission is to equip you with the essential tools to comprehend company and industry fundamentals swiftly.

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