Discovering growth stocks using business insights

Six major issues during stock investing


Should I keep or sell my stocks?


When to stop loss?


How to deal with a given stock tips?


Selling stocks too early, missing out on great returns


Invested into a stock that not performing


Unclear about a company’s fundamentals

The six issues listed above are the common problems inexperienced investors and traders will face.

How many issues have you encountered?

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Coach Lee Yon Onn

Founder of GrandPine Capital/ Kunchen Private Equity Fund.
  • Founded the Kunchen Private Equity Fund in China, has managed a capital of $1 billion.
  • Author of the widely popular book “Make Money in Malaysia Stock Market”.
  • Principal of Global Entrepreneur Xchange (GEX).

Coach Alfred Chen

GrandPine Capital’s Chief Coach.
  • Professional investor with 19 years of investment and coaching experience in Malaysia.
  • His coaching method is lively, exciting and easy to understand.
  • Author of the book “Successful Investment in Malaysia – Stock Market: A Practical Lesson”, one of GrandPine Capital’s heart and soul.
  • One of the industry’s pioneers and universally acknowledged value investment coaches.

Coach David

GrandPine Capital’s Director of Asset Management Department.

  • Managing and planning funds, nurtured over 10,000 successful investors.
  • With 19 years of research experience, built an intelligence network for GrandPine Capital to collect business information from 16 industries.
  • GrandPine Capital’s “Eagle Eye” identifies traces in financial statements of listed companies for investment opportunities.

Coach Ms Hew

GrandPine Capital’s Head of R&D Department

  • Successful female investor representative.
  • An untiring advocate of the “Law of Investment in Life”, paying attention to the details in life to find good investment opportunities.
  • Possesses outstanding planning capability, able to collect data and sort out information exceptionally well.
  • GrandPine’s “Queen of Fact Find”.

Over 20,000 retail investors have joined BIS

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GrandPine Capital was established 19 years ago. Thus far, we have met investors from all walks of life, including lawyers, doctors, teachers, hawkers, homemakers.

Students from various backgrounds join BIS to learn the value investing on growth stock methods that anyone can quickly grasp.

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Business Value Exchange (BVE) is also part of Business Investment Strategy, a platform for business information exchange.
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Gather scoops from various businesses, analyze a company’s intrinsic value, development, and risk via video presentation to identify growth stocks.

Case study 1: D&O


Real time management updates
  • First visit to D&O factory, interview with CEO.

    GrandPine information network
  • R&D Department is developing new LED products for the automotive industry.
  • Collaborate with BMW to develop Smart RGB LEDs.
  • 马来西亚股票投资课程


    Real time management updates
  • Second visit to D&O to learn more about the construction of a new factory.

    GrandPine information network
  • Upgraded to double production lines to increase production capacity.
  • Established a new department to provide customers with modular assembly as a value-added service.
  • 马来西亚股票投资课程


    Real time management updates
  • The new factory is officially in operation. Learn about the construction of the new factory.

    GrandPine information network
  • Headquarters and offices relocated to the new building. The old building will be converted into additional production lines.
  • The shortage of raw materials has little impact on the production line.
  • 马来西亚股票投资课程


    Real time management updates
  • Established new joint venture company “Domi-Star”, continues to develop new products.

    GrandPine information network
  • Production lines operate in full force to fulfil orders and meet customer demands throughout the year.
  • LED demand surge as there is increasing demand for electric vehicles, especially in the Chinese market.
  • 马来西亚股票投资课程

    Case study 2: DPHARMA

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