A great investment assistant to help you save time and energy!

Lets you make smarter decisions in stock investment.

Algobox is a software developed by GrandPine Capital for financial data and technical analysis.


Instantly explore the launching of stocks and manage your stock investment faster and more efficiently.

More Secure

It is equipped with a stock-picking algorithm exclusive to GrandPine Capital’s research division.

More Precise

User-friendly indicator shows a more accurate transaction location for evaluation.

Algobox’s Functions

High-resolution diagrams and charts that are easily customizable.

1. Three types of forms for statistics report, and more.
2. Annual and quarterly financial data.
3. Line function that’s apparent to the eye.

Business Value Exchange

Professional researchers and industry experts conduct fact-finding to ensure the circulated information is correct.

Chat room

The chat room is a support group that helps you understand your business better.

Annual and quarterly report shortcut

One-click access to every listed companies’ annual reports.

Stock screen

Capture only the best results:
Most profitable
Most generous in paying dividends
Most cash funds.

Google Direct

One-click access to every companies’ news in Chinese or English.


Basic Feature

Full Feature


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