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When bank’s fixed deposit interest rate is low, people use to switch their FD among the banks to enjoy an extra 0.5% interest rate.

Is there an alternative with higher return rates? 

Did you know?
Malaysia stocks practice higher dividend payout than other country? There are 57 stocks with over 4% dividend per annum.

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In the new age, people save “stocks” instead of “money” because it has a higher return rate.

ValueFarm App is easy to use. Master it even if you’re inexperienced.

What is stock deposit?

If you save money (cash)

Most salaried workers think they can earn interest by keeping their funds in the banks, and there is no risk. But is that really the case? Here’s a phenomenon: 10 years ago, RM9.90 was all you needed to buy a KFC dinner plate. But now, the same KFC dinner plate costs RM22. Due to the low-interest rate offered by most banks, the value of money will diminish over time and thus leads to weaker purchasing power. Therefore, you will need more money to buy the same product after some time.

If you save stocks

Saving up on stocks will have a different outcome. In a nutshell, exchange part of your monthly salary for stocks in big companies to generate money and become one of their shareholders (bosses). These companies are often well-known and equipped with a management team to look after the business on your behalf. At the end of each year, they will pay out dividends to you. This is how you save up on stocks and how you can get 8% of “passive income” in return. As Warren Buffett said, make money while you sleep. Your profit will increase with time, and the more you invest, the more you’ll earn!

Fixed stock deposit, gain a higher rate of return on savings.

Deposit cash into Maybank’s FD


Deposit cash into Maybank’s stocks


Interest rate



RM120k becomes RM131k

Deposit 1k every month for 10 years

RM120k becomes RM160k

Maybank offers a higher dividend, our funds can multiply faster.
In comparison to FD, stock deposit lets you earn RM29k extra within 10 years.

By investment savings

GrandPine Capital has helped over 18,000 users kick start their investment savings.

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I don’t want to be a burden for my child when he grows up.

Whether you’re a working adult or an entrepreneur, you can still invest in stocks and accumulate wealth.

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Value investing offers me a peace of mind when buying stocks. It is unbelievably convenient and easy.


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Sample future growth video:

The lightweight app makes it easy for you to check the progress of your savings anytime, anywhere.

Filter out the top 10% outstanding stock deposit companies for reference.

Formula to calculate the average annual return on savings, reaching up to 20% based on previous data.

Inexperienced or having less funds, you can still manage your savings and finances well.

Five useful features for an excellent stock deposit

1. Which stocks are suitable for saving?

StockList function filters out 90% of the 906 available stocks and show you only stocks from reputable and stable companies.

2. When to deposit, and when not to?

PB and PB discount indicator displayed at a glance. It’s useful and easy to understand.

3. What to do when a company’s performance gradually declines?

Future Growth (sample) will monitor a company’s performance for you.

4. What if I find it hard to catch up?

User Guide Videos will guide you from the top. You’ll regain confidence in no time.

5. What if I encounter problems?

Live chat with our human agents. Our investment assistants are ready to help.

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5. LiveChat


Who will you learn from?

Mr Alfred Chen

GrandPine Capital’s Chief Coach

With 19 years of teaching experience and years of intensive research in stocks, he has developed a complete and full-fledged learning system and strategy for casual investors. He is also the go-to Chinese expert on economics and has appeared on various media outlets like economic forums, television, radio, newspaper and magazine. Besides that, he also wrote a book entitled “Successful Investment in Malaysia – Stock Market: A Practical Lesson”, which has become Popular Bookstores’ all-time bestseller for 12 weeks in a row.


免费体验ValueFarm app free trial,让助教1对1帮助投资新手的您了解定期存股的操作 & 如何从小钱开始做好储蓄投资。


How does ValueFarm’s investment strategy ensure a lower risk?

  • Warren Buffett also uses ValueFarm’s investment strategy – Value Investing
  • Stock deposit – with equal amounts of investment cost and risk diversification, investors won’t have to monitor the stock market daily and bear high risks.
Yes. Each function is designed to safeguard your funds with value investing so that you can have peace of mind. The app assistant is also useful to troubleshoot fundamental problems. Essentially, help is everywhere.

We have an e-learning feature in the app and other topics about stock investing basics. You can learn more while using the stock deposit feature.

RM386 is only valid for one year. The renewal fee is also RM386 for the following year.

ValueFarm is a learning and analyzing tool. An investment bank account is needed to perform any transactions.

This is not part of the course syllabus. But if you register now, we will arrange an assistant to help you out.

Generate a higher investment return annually with investment savings

ValueFarm APP

*If you sign up for ValueFarm App and it failed to meet your expectations, we will issue a full refund (within 7 days from the date you signed up ValueFarm app).


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