1 年业绩雷达速成班
1. 1 年 Chen’s Room (价值: RM1280)
2. 1 年每日一周5次财经专题 (价值: RM520)
3. 1 年 Algobox Chen’s Room (价值: RM600)
4. 每个月1堂与陈剑老师的问答环节 (价值: RM1,900)
5. 1 年无限回放预录课程 (BONUS)

1 年业绩雷达速成班
Renewal Package:
1. 1-year Chen’s Room (Value: RM1280)
2. 1-year Weekdays Financial News Updates (Value: RM520)
3. 1-year Algobox Chen’s Room (Value: RM600)
4. 1 Q&A session with Mr. Chen at the end of every month. (Value: RM1,900)
5. 1-year unlimited playback course (BONUS)

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✅IOS 11以上



Term and Condition:

  1. Course is pre-recorded. Student may rewatch the course anytime on the website within the package subscription period.
  2. Any request for the refund of payment must be made within 7 days from the payment date.
  3. GrandPine Capital reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
  4. GrandPine Capital reserves the right to cancel any orders/benefits if fraud or similar activity is suspected.


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