GrandPine Capital’s Strategy Mentorship Programme (SMP) is a transformative 12-week initiative designed to guide entrepreneurs to chart their visionary 10-year roadmap. Our program focuses on practical, actionable strategies, incorporating regular reviews and checkpoints to track progress effectively.

The SMP encompasses essential elements such as the one-page business plan, utilizing the objective, goals, strategies and measures (OGSM) framework to quantify goals and align team metrics. The strategy wheel ensures weekly progress reviews, identifying immediate tasks and low-hanging fruit for continuous advancement.

The program delves into business strategy optimization, ensuring a robust and profitable business model. Pricing and sales strategies are tailored to resonate with the target audience, creating a customer-centric approach.

Financial management is explored through understanding investor concerns, making businesses future-ready for potential financing. Our one-on-one mentorship sessions and workshops, facilitated by experienced mentors and program consultants, provide actionable insights and tools to master the essentials of entrepreneurship.

The SMP is a comprehensive journey that covers market positioning, business model design, pricing and sales, brand development, team building, financial management, and personalized 1-on-1 consultations.

1Company Purpose & Strategy InternalizationCore TeamMentorship video & Assignment
2Value Proposition & Target AudienceCore Team<span>Workshop</span>
3One-on-one ConsultationEntrepreneurOnline Meeting
4Market Positioning & Development OpportunitiesCore TeamMentorship video & Assignment
5Business StrategyCore TeamMentorship video & Assignment
6Sales and Pricing Strategy & Sales ChannelsCore TeamMentorship video & Assignment
7Corporate Strategy DesignCore Team<span>Workshop</span>
8Brand StrategyCore TeamMentorship video & Assignment
9Organization StructuringCore TeamMentorship video & Assignment
10Brand PersonalityCore Team<span>Workshop</span>
11Financial Management & Manifesto DemonstrationCore TeamMentorship video & Assignment
12Manifesto PresentationEntrepreneurOnline Meeting
One-on-one ConsultationEntrepreneurOnline Meeting