Value Investing Mastery

Investing should not be treated casually like a game.

Most people buy stocks based on other’s tips.

They are convinced after doing little research.

Sometimes there are good returns, sometimes there aren’t. In the end, time and energy have been wasted.

The secret behind Malaysia composite index KLCI.
Why KLCI would trend upwards in the long term?

If you master the portfolio management system that fund managers use, your portfolio can also trend upwards in the long run, like KLCI.

Since GrandPine Capital’s establishment in 2003, we have encountered three bear markets within 19 years. We have successfully led the students to find good investment opportunities.


I'm still make loses even if I bought a good stock!

That’s because you’re enter when it’s already overvalued.

For the past 19 years

We managed to seize a proven approach to investing.

We also engage with retail investors to work out the best way to make their investment successful.

Our highly experienced coaches will teach you in a straightforward manner.

Evade investment traps and maximize profits!

5-day course

A complete set of value investing guidelines on how to make money and how to pick a good stock.

Achieve financial freedom with dividend payouts.

Build a stable portfolio, make passive income with ease.

Ways to look at a stock’s intrinsic value.

Financial planning and funds distribution in the stock market.

2 Professional Coaches

Mr Alfred Chen

GrandPine Capital’s Chief Coach

With 19 years of teaching experience and years of intensive research in stocks, he has developed a complete and full-fledged learning system and strategy for casual investors. He is also the go-to Chinese expert on economics and has appeared on various media outlets like economic forums, television, radio, newspaper and magazine. Besides that, he also wrote a book entitled “Successful Investment in Malaysia – Stock Market: A Practical Lesson”, which has become Popular Bookstores’ all-time bestseller for 12 weeks in a row.


GrandPine Capital’s Head of R&D Department

  • An advocate of the “Law of Investment in Life”, helping busy career women find good investment opportunities.
  • Friendly and down-to-earth teaching style.

Value Investing Mastery

For RM1350, you will get:

5-day online courses

4-day Value Investing online courses + 1 Special Live Q&A session. (1-year unlimited playback)

Algobox Basic

1-year subscription of Algobox Basic Software (identify high-quality stocks and enterprises rapidly)

ValueFarm App

1-year subscription of ValueFarm App (identify high-quality stocks and enterprises rapidly)

Online support

1-year online support (For app and course enquiries)

*renewal fees: RM580

Additional Value

You will receive a ValueFarm App and an Algobox Basic Software to help you analyze and identify high-quality stocks.

ValueFarm APP


Real-time stock market updates. View stock market information at a glance.

Filtered stock picking list

Stocks with stable dividends and performance.

Stock market development videos

Learn each company’s future development plans.

Risk return graph

An arrangement of risk-return scores.

Live chat

Contact us via live chat if you have problems.

Algobox (Basic)

Identify promising growth stocks

Browse through individual stocks’ performance and draw up a shortlist.

A company’s fundamental performance

Annual and quarterly financial data and financial indicators.

Is a company’s stock price worth investing in?

FPE analysis and transaction cost data.

Changes in the stock market trend

Market sentiment index.

Best time to buy or sell

Individual stock activity indicator.

“At the end of the course, I can evaluate a stock within 3 minutes.”

Graduates Testimonials

Practical Plans for Malaysian stock market beginners.

Free 90-minute online investment sharing session.

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