BVE作品16 – 【Experience After attended the BVE】

I am pleased to register and attend the online BVE class and gained me additional knowledge in
investment i.e. equities market and confident to invest in share market.

The online BVE classes are comprehensive and easy to understand. There are dedicated teachers to
teach and guide us to understand the wealth creation, business value, business growth, fact find,
financial statements and etc, there also provide us their in-house software i.e. Algobox (which can
be installed and viewed in the desktop/notebook) and Value Farm (is an app can be viewed from the
handphone) there are easy to access and analyse the respective listed companies on their financial

I like their Algobox and Value Farm especially their Media room section which comprised of Business
Value Exchange for BIS/GIS, every day there will be reviewed and provided at least one listed
company report by the Grandpine (GP) staff. On top of it under the Chen’s room section, Mr Alfred
Chen teacher will share and review once a week of the established listed company. With the
convenience of the application software allows me to view it anytime, anywhere as and when I am

I am proud and completed the above classes.
For a tried, I have invested minimum amount of Rm20K to venture the share market. I bought few
lots of stocks. And happy to make some profit but also sad to make some loss in stock market.
Recently, I have reviewed my portfolio and encountered there are few mistakes needs to be

  1. Not enough Fact Find before decide to buy the shares.
  2. Should not based on the share price to make decision.
  3. To communicate and get advice from someone knowledgeable on that sector.
  4. Not enough experience making decision.
  5. When to cut lost.

Through the past experience. Moving forward, I will do more fact find, understand the company
business model, get advice from someone knowledgeable on that sector and form a group to discuss
and communicate believe I may do well in stock market in near future.

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